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Body Oils

These sublime body oils, like the soaps, may be addicitve. They are to be applied to WET skin. Seriously - don't even dry off first. It will make the oils more effective by mixing with the water on your skin, and you will use less oil this way. After applying, just walk around (or, better yet, dance a little bit) in your birthday suit for a few minutes before getting dressed. Your skin will stay incredibly soft all day.

The base oil is the same for all of them, comprising 11 incredibly nourishing oils (9 certified organic), each with its own set of benefits for the skin. With healing organic jojoba oil, antioxidant kukui oil, powerfully anti-aging and regenerative organic rosehip seed oil, and anti-inflammatory organic hemp seed oil, our body oil strengthens, rejuvenates, and deeply heals your skin.  The scents are achieved with organic and wild-harvested essential oils, and are available in a 7.5 ounce bottle with pump, or a 2 ounce bottle with a screw top.  Also available unscented.


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