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I am writing to tell you how absolutely wonderful your products are. My 5 year old son was suffering with Perioral Dermatitis for months. He has been to a number of pediatric dermatologists and I have tried a countless number of creams and lotions to help his skin. I came across your products and I ordered the Active Gel Nutrient Serum and Purely Simple Face Cream I use both and within a few days I saw a significant improvement in his skin. The dry, itchy, inflamed skin became smooth and soft. I am still using the prescription from the dermatologist but your products helped him the most dramatically. I am so grateful for your skin care products. I will be using them for myself and my two daughters as well. Thanks again!
Lena H
Yonkers, NY
August 2013
I want to say thank you thank you!! My 23 year daughter has PD. She found your website three weeks ago while doing a search online for information about PD since she was diagnosed with it that very day. Previously, she had suffered for four months of not knowing and trying everything thinking it was a reaction and acne.

Your black soap is amazing!! She told me last night how much she loves that soap. How it makes her skin look cleaner and clearer and that it feels smooth and doesn't make her face dry. It has greatly helped with the PD. Her face is clearing up and it isn't red and angry anymore. She still has some bumps, and scaring, but it looks so good!!!

I purchased the gel and cream last week and she really likes those as well. I'm very thankful to you and your PD! Without your having it, my daughter would still be suffering. I will also say that I NEVER ever thought I would use soap on my face or body again. I love the black soap and the body bars. Wow. I look forward to taking a shower or washing my hands!

Please don't stop making them! If you can't all ready tell how much I love your products...I placed three orders in three weeks : )

Thank you again for making my daughter happy with her face again and for creating such wonderful products!!
Sharon K
Tecumseh, MI
July 2013
I just wanted to email you and thank you for your wonderful products. I've suffered with PD for about 6 months now, and recently stumbled across your products back in July. Since beginning using your products only (face wash, spot treatment, face serum/lotion and body soaps) my skin, and most importantly my face, have never felt so clean and smooth! My face has drastically cleared to light pink discoloration from bright red, angry skin.

So, I will forever be using your products from now on.

Thank you so much!!
Kristen K
Tecumseh, MI
August 2013
Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your service and product. This was my 1st order with you, and I received your Spot Treatment on Wednesday, and by today (Friday) I have seen my spots practically disappear. Mind you, I've had these spots for about 2 weeks, and even BP nor Tea Tree Oil could eradicate them.

Receiving my package from you was also a pleasure. Though a small order, I appreciated the quality samples, but especially the hand written note. I felt more like a part of the family rather than a new (and perhaps happenstance) customer. Thank you for the warm reception! I think I'd like to get comfortable, take off my shoes, and wander around...

Looking forward to ordering again and trying more of your fabulous products!
Sharon B
New York, NY
July 2013
I suffer from hyper-sensitive skin and have tried untold products and prescriptive ointments to help alleviate rashes, redness, and outbreaks. After reading an article in a magazine, my mother encouraged me to try your products. A few days, later, on a rainy Sunday afternoon, we huddled together over a cup of tea and a laptop and read reviews and product details. We shared a mother-daughter look and decided to mutually 'take the plunge' and we placed an order of your Rose Clay Facial Soap, Facial Restoration Serum and Spot Treatment. A couple of days later, on Tuesday afternoon, my mother called me to let me know that we had received our order! I adore the Rose Clay Facial Soap and Spot Treatment. My facial skin's appearance has improved and, as a result, I feel more secure when I walk out the door to start my day. I still have outbreaks, but your products are helping to mitigate them and my skin recovers faster and better.

With our next order, I purchased the deodorant cream. It's wonderful! No more underarm rash. Your products and service are superb. Thank you.
Joy & Theresa
Camano Island, WA
July 2013
I am not one to write reviews about products, but this particular line is well worth the time it takes to write one.

The first item I ordered was the Facial Care Starter Set #3. It's for troubled skin of which I am "blessed" with! I have contact dermatitis, which is hard to treat and harder to find products for that do not irritate. I've been using the set for about two weeks now and have seen a remarkable improvement in my skin. The flakiness and redness are showing much improvement and my overall "feel" is better.

I received a sample of the body oil with my order and have been using it also. It's wonderful! I've ordered two bottles, one scented and one unscented. It keeps my dry skin feeling hydrated, but not at all sticky and greasy. Another great product!

I'm very impressed with this company and it's products. The whole presentation of the products is, as I said, lovely! I'm so happy my friend shared this gem with me.

Thank you
July 2013
I had a small rash around my nose which would not go away, and finally went to a dermatologist, who prescribed a topical steroid. After using the steroid for several weeks, instead of relieving the rash symptoms, it was getting much worse with constant burning, itching, and extreme redness around my nose and mouth.

I returned to the dermatologist's office, this time seeing another doctor in the practice. He diagnosed the problem as Perioral Dermatitis, and prescribed an antibiotic for one month and would he would then re-evaluate my condition. During this time, I was also researching cures/remedies for this condition online, and that is when I found Osmia Organics and was impressed with what I read about it, and Dr Sarah.

I ordered the starter set and began using it immediately upon receipt of the products. Everything, including my usual skin care products up until this point just seemed to aggravate the condition and made it worse. I did begin taking the antibiotics as well. After a few weeks, I could see signs of improvement in the area of the Perioral Dermatitis. It has now been approximately one year since the first signs of the rash, but after starting the combination of the antibiotics and the Osmia Organics products, in June, 2013 (approximately 7 weeks ago), this condition has gone away. I have always been told that I have nice skin, but thought that I would never hear that again. However, my skin looks great and continues to improve all the time with the use of the Osmia Organic products. These results have prompted me to reorder the products and to continue to use them regularly. I really love them!
Greenville, SC
July 2013
I'm a 42 year old woman who has been struggling with perioral dermatitis for months now. I've tried oodles of over the counter products that made my skin red and raw. I went to my doctor and spend hundreds of dollars on prescription acne medications, steroid creams and antibiotics only to have my skin flare up, red and angry all over again.

Within days of using your black clay facial soap and spot treatment, my skin was calmer. The itchiness abated. Now, a month later, the embarrassing redness is gone and I haven't had a blemish of any sort spring up on my face.

Thank you for clearing up my skin! Now I don't have to cake on layers of cover up to hide raw and painful and horribly embarrassing perioral dermatitis. And the best part...my skin has never felt softer!
Elaine A.
July 2013
I found the Osmia Organics line while researching products for my daughter’s Perioral Dermatitis. It had been almost ten years since it originally flared up and she did not want to get on the antibiotics and/or topical steroid creams again. I ordered the black clay soap for her and the facial serum and in the first week she saw an improvement. It has been months now, her problem is resolved and she and I both are avid and enthusiastic users of the Osmia soaps, serums and cleansers. Thank you, Sarah!
Baltimore, MD
June 2013
Hi! I am absolutely loving the products from my last order so far! I have extremely sensitive and reactive skin and I can't believe how comfortable the products felt on my face. I get bad breakouts around my mouth and chin so I ordered the facial care starter kit recommended for perioral dermatitis. I had no idea that term even existed, but it describes exactly what I've been dealing with. I've been using the kit for about a week now and all the inflammation is gone. I'm sort of shocked. I spend so much money trying out different products and organic brands but they all disappoint. After learning about Osmia and trying out some of the products I feel like throwing away every product in my cabinets and drawers. Nothing comes remotely close! Needless to say I'm very impressed with the conscious yet beautiful, simple yet effective products Dr. Sarah has created. Thanks again. :)
Vivian P.
Houston, TX
June 2013
I have never had beautiful clear skin and do suffer from the odd outbreak around my chin during my cycle. I also suffer from eczema on my hands and wrist which is cleared almost entirely with low dose creams. Ten weeks ago I started with a faint rash around my mouth, edge of nose and edges of my chin. The small spots then followed and to my horror continue to reappear with countless scrubbing. My doctor informed me that I had a type of seborrheic dermatitis and prescribed by antibiotics and hydrocortisone cream to put on my face. My skin continued to get worse. The symptoms on the web didn't seem to add up to my symptoms, so I continue to search. In Australia we have low doses of chloride in the water and I have recently undergone months of dental work just before the outbreak first appeared. This was the first clue.

Leaving it alone helped but after five days the rash would develop and flare up again. My rash isn't terrible, and far less red than images I've seen on the internet, so for that, I'm very lucky. In order to break this five days on five days off cycle I committed to Osmia. I switched toothpaste, hair products, invested in the clay soap and moisturiser. I simply left my face alone, not touching, prodding or make-up and I also started taking Evening primrose every day. It's been three weeks and the rash has not only lessened but almost entirely gone. Fingers crossed!
Kate G.
Sydney, Australia
June 2013
I had been suffering from what I now understand to be severe perioral dermatitis for 12 months. I had consulted with three different doctors and had been prescribed a long list of oral antibiotics and topical steroids. I tried changes to my diet and spent a fortune on various facial products. My condition continued to worsen and as it did so did my confidence and mood. I began to experience social anxiety and felt stuck in a terrible cycle where I just wanted to hide from life. In desperation, I began researching my symptoms online and came across Sarah's description of perioral dermatitis. I felt hope that I may have found someone who understood and could help treat my symptoms. I stopped all prescription medicine and began to use the clay soap, gel serum and purely simple face cream. At the same time I switched to a non-fluoride toothpaste and SLS free shampoo. With 4 weeks my skin had completely cleared!! It felt like a miracle. I have always had reactive and sensitive skin and never before used products that seem so 'right' for me. Thank you SO much for your time to answer my questions and your amazing products. I am incredibly grateful!!
June 2013
Dr. Sarah is a Godsend. I am the rare senior who was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis. When I saw all the side effects to the drug my doctor had given me I freaked, because I am very drug sensitive.

Thank heavens I found Dr. Sarah. She is calm and helpful. I ordered her black clay soap, gel serum, purely simple and spot treatment. I have been using her products for less than a week. In that time the redness has started to abate and the pustules don't seem as bad.

Being a person who prided herself on her face care, I was appalled to think that there was nothing I could use to nourish my skin. Osmia's products are an answer to a prayer, and the big bonus is that they are helping improve the perioral dermatitis. More than that, Dr. Sarah is patient and kind and answers your questions about this condition in a caring way. Finding her site was indeed a blessing.
Charlotte Y.
Bonita Springs, FL
June 2013
I'm writing to tell you that I received my order of black clay soap, spot treatment and face moisturizer and I'm officially IN LOVE!! I suffered a horrible allergic reaction to a chemical bleaching cream from my dermatologist and couldn't leave the house for weeks bc it looked like I had 2nd degree burns on my face. I'm still having a reaction and its been well over a month. Perorial dermatitis and cystic acne are what I'm dealing with now. Needless to say, I got rid of EVERY facial product I had in search of a cure in all natural products. I've only been using your products for 3 days now and I already see a dramatic difference. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this amazing line of products. I can't wait to try your body oils and other goodies too!!
Nicole B.
Mahwah, NJ
April 2013
I wanted to give you my feedback from my last month and a half of using your products. Over the holidays, my mom purchased some Osmia products for me to try (this was sometime in January). The funny thing was that I was the one that originally told her about you and Osmia when she was looking for something new for her skin, yet I had never used them myself (which I'm ashamed to admit). After only a couple of weeks after meeting you and using your product she was raving about them and is probably forever hooked. I knew I needed to try them for myself.

Now, I don't have particularly bad skin. Hardly had more than a blemish all through high school, but the last year or two it has been giving me trouble. I have had chronic re-occurring dry patches on the apples of my cheeks and cystic style acne all over my chin. I am talking deep, painful, acne that often never comes to the surface and keeps coming back to the same spots over and over. I've tried to deal with it in so many ways. I thought it could potentially be related to a food I was eating or a product I was using (which may both be true), but since I started using your products they have barely re-surfaced. My skin is the softest it has ever been and my acne is almost gone. It flares up every once in a while, but not nearly as often or as severe as before. And usually after cleansing and putting on the facial oils it goes away in a fraction of the time.

I'm in love. And I'm not giving it up. The proof is in the pudding! Thank you so much, Sarah. With the addition of the "Juniper Fire" perfume + the Vetiver soap....I'm in heaven.
Mary C.
Seattle, WA
March 2013
I have had both Perioral and Periocular Dermatitis for over a decade. Over time it has become more difficult to manage and four years ago I became dependent on a facial moisturizer that was not "clean" (the rest of the products I use are and this is extremely important to me). Every time I tried to start using another product, no matter how natural/clean (we're talking as simple as straight jojoba oil), I would have a major flare-up within 24-48 hours that would take a week or more to dissipate.

Things got particularly bad this winter, after getting the flu (using tissues too often will cause a flare-up!) combined with the cold wind. My skin was the driest is has ever been and thus also inflamed. I was miserable and had been eyeing Osmia Organics for some time. I took a chance and purchased the Black Soap and the Purely Simple Facial Lotion.

It has been four weeks - my skin is moisturized, less red and my dermatitis continues to heal each day. What is there is only visible to me. Since purchasing these two products I also ordered the Lip Luster (perfect color!) and a sample of 5 perfumes (Juniper Fire and Prima are absolutely incredible. I want to bathe in them). I have also sampled a few of the soaps, all of which were moisturizing and smell beautiful. I could not be happier. Thank you Sarah!!
Elissa M.
March 2013
I am hooked on your product line. I have to tell you I've been using the soaps and body oils with great results. Today I happened to use one of my other body wash products that I had hanging around and my skin was so dried out, I was scratching my legs all day. The difference was so clear. You are a genius and I'm so glad I found your site! Thank you!
Carol R.
Doylestown, PA
March 2013
I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I suffer from POD and had reached the point of tears after going through a couple months of oral antibiotics, and going through every soap and lotion, from organic, natural to dermatologist recommended - and still no relief. I had another flare up (around my menses) and received this soap in the mail a few days later. I noticed a difference within just a few washes!! My skin is still a little irritated, but it has definitely improved! After a couple of days of using the soap, I called Osmia directly and spoke with Sarah, who was super kind, understanding and actually listened!!!

I ordered the nutrient gel serum and purely simple face lotion and so far my skin seems to love it. I am extremely excited to see how my skin looks and feels over the next few months - especially after stopping the antibiotics (weaning off now) and taking the evening primrose oil. I have new hope! So far, so good! :)
Audra D.
Fremont, CA
February 2013
I just wanted to share with you that I have used the black clay soap for 1 month. After 2 weeks my daughter said, "what are you doing differently?" On this last Saturday I was in Greenwood for a funeral and had lunch with several high school girls friends. They all said, "what products do you use on your face?" No one has ever really commented on my face before! I sent them all your link, hopefully you will get some more orders from Mississippi!! My art friends loved the soaps for Christmas!
Kathy H.
Ridgeland, MS
January 2013
You may remember that I came into your store with a friend. I am generally wary of scented soaps, lotions, and oils—I can’t tolerate the overpowering scent of many commercial brands. But as I watched my friend pick out gift packages for so many she cares about, I began to browse through your samples and displays. Not only did the subtly scented soaps pull me in; the Vanilla Shea Hand Cream won me over when it gave the red, cracked skin on my hands immediate relief without any greasy, perfumed residue. But probably the greatest find of all was the Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair. You explained that I could try it on the tender, red patches of skin on my son’s face—areas that hurt him when the weather turns cold and dry. I took it home, and spent several minutes trying to convince him that it wouldn’t sting or burn as had all of the other lotions, creams, and gels we’d tried. The proof was in the application—he let me put just a tiny bit on one raw area, and we waited. Then we put more on another area, and another, until we’d treated all his sore spots and his cracked lips. Now we keep a jar on his nightstand, and one in the kitchen, and he uses it himself. “Mom”, he’ll say, “ I’ve got to put some of the myrrh on before I head to school. It’s cold this morning, don’t want to hurt all day”. His big sister wants her own jar, so we’ll be back in.

I’d picked out several soaps while in the store for my husband; he’d loved a gift of it from a colleague last year. For myself I chose some Body Oil: Night. I’ve never used anything like it, scented oils often overwhelm me, but this one had such a delicate, subtle fragrance. Two weeks post surgery, I finally got to soak in a hot bath and try out my gift to myself. The soft scents of lavender and cedar, mixed with the silkiness of the oil was the perfect amount of pampering—it seemed such an indulgence from such a small thing. That night was the most restful I’d had in weeks.

Thank you for creating Osmia Organics—I’m sure it was a leap of faith, so different from the structure and methodology of medicine. But for us, especially for Peter, it has been a remarkable find and we will be back, again, and again, and again.
Jessica L
Glenwood Springs, CO
January 2013
My love affair with Osmia Organics began with a lovely birthday gift I received of Cedar Grass soap and Lip Luster. I am a product HOUND and picky when it comes to what I like. Artificial and over scented products are not my bag and I have aversions to most commercial scents. These 2 products were so beautiful, simple and perfect that I had to see what else was cooking at Osmia. I have become a big fan of the Facial Restoration Serum. Applied right after the shower, my skin feels at its absolute healthiest.

I became the world's biggest fan of the Cedar Smoke perfume. It is the best of a bonfire and the deep woods, I put it on before I sleep because I truly cannot get enough of it. I quickly realized that I had found product Nirvana and dove in. November in Colorado can wreak havoc on dry skin and deciding to combat 'death by baseboard heater' skin, I added 3 more products to my arsenal. The Wood Body Oil lets the rest of me feel as amazing as my face after bathing and it does not compete with my obsession with the Cedar Smoke perfume. I am pretty sure that Mother Nature smells like those 2 products combined.

I am always looking for a great moisturizer for my face and the Purely Rich Face Cream lasts and keeps that healthy skin feeling all day. The Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair is perfect for our dry climate and can whip my lips into shape overnight. I am very loyal to brands that work for me and all my Osmia products make me feel like I am doing something good for myself. My friends think I am a secret spokesperson as I am constantly dabbing something on them and telling them how amazing these products are. 401K be damned, I am worth it. Thanks!
Lisa Y.
Aspen, CO
December 2012
I love everything that Osmia does, from their beautiful packaging to the ethical environmental choices behind those choices. However, I would have to say that my favorite product is their “Night” body oil. It feels so luxurious; while I was initially uncertain that such a small bottle could last very long, it is so rich and emollient that a little bit goes a very long way. They say that it helps encourage a peaceful sleep, and it really is true. It has a profoundly relaxing and tranquil effect. Truly a terrific investment that feels like both a luxury and a necessity!
Stacey Lorinczi
Lorinczi Jewelry
San Francisco, CA
December 2012
I have used all sorts of products on my extremely dry lips from Aquaphor to Egyptian Magic, plain old vitamin E, Burt's Bees Wax, hydrocortisone, and more. I came to Sarah with an extreme skin situation just a few weeks ago in which my lips felt like dry, burning sandpaper. She gave me the Honey Myrrh Lip Repair, Black Clay Facial Soap, Purely Simple Face Cream, and Facial Calibration Serum. I have used all of them on my body and my skin has improved dramatically. I thought only hydrocortisone could achieve the same (except short-lived) effects. Sarah also gave me some great advice on diet and general health.
Holly R.
Carbondale, CO
November 2012
Well, where do I begin? I feel very strongly about taking care of my skin since I feel very strongly about staying healthy and strong as I age - and aging isn't something I can do anything about.

Because of my daughters I try to consider organic whenever I can. And now - because of Osmia and Sarah - I am applying that to my face! I have made an investment in Osmia Organic products. I love them! I love the way they smell and how they feel on my skin and especially my face. I know I am doing something GOOD for the part of my body that people see first. I love the compliments I get on my aging skin!

There is not one product that I would consider not using........I look forward to washing my face because of the variety of cleansers which I rotate. I look forward to washing my body because the soap is heavenly. I'm using the oils on my wet skin while I am drip drying in the shower and that's a new moisturizing experience for me. And......then there are the face products......one just becomes better than the next and I am a very happy Osmia Organics customer!!!
Ann L.
Colorado Springs, CO
November 2012
I applied the facial oil to all of the women on my hall so that they, too, could experience how amazing it is! I am already a total convert for the cause...I absolutely love your products – they smell and feel amazing. I have had to start hiding the facial serum from my husband – he was putting it on twice a day, I am serious.
Svetlana W.
San Francisco, CA
November 2012
They are working out wonderfully. Between your products and my homeopathic medicine I seem to have fixed my dermatitis.
Sarah J.
Austin, TX
October 2012
One of my favorites right now? Facial Restoration Serum! Hurricane Sandy brought lots of wind & colder temps. This serum is so hydrating and smells delicious. I use it every morning and evening before going to bed. I love the clean fresh scent; it reminds me of why I love being outside so much!

My 'Gotta have it'? My Luster lip balm! Which reminds me that I need to order more. Having a tube in my makeup bag, purse & work bag would be wonderful! (putting in on my Christmas list). It goes with everything!
Jenny L.
Wyckoff, NJ
September 2012
My doctor told me to stop using my over the counter soaps because she felt they were adversely affecting my hormones. I was not happy about the other organic soap products I tried, and then I found Osmia. I love this soap and I am so grateful that it exists. The look and the smell alone will win you over. And of course, it feels wonderful and makes you smell wonderful AND it is natural, so no adverse hormonal reaction! You can tell these soaps are made with love and I feel loved when I use them. I am hoping that sometime soon, there will be little Osmia organic chocolates included in the package? Because I am not gonna lie, looking at my soap bar makes me a little hungry. Thanks Osmia!
Gina D
Chicago, IL
September 2012
As someone who appreciates the purest ingredients in my skin products, I love the entire product line at Osmia! The products smell good and feel good when they go on my skin. Washing and moisturizing my face every day is like being at the spa. I love stopping in the store and smelling the scent. It smells heavenly.
Lisa C.
Carbondale, CO
August 2012