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Perioral Dermatitis

Osmia Organics Article: Perioral Dermatitis

Perioral dermatitis, unfortunately, is a personal experience for me.  My symptoms have been mild to moderate, and caused me to research fairly obsessively about treatment options.  I experimented quite a bit with methods from traditional to alternative, and ended up developing some products of my own that helped my symptoms significantly.  In this article, I explain the condition - which is not understood very clearly even by leading dermatologists - as well as conventional and natural treatment options, as well as small lifestyle changes that will decease the likelihood of relapse.

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Essential Oils, Absolutes & More

Osmia Organics Article: Essential Oils, Absolutes & More

What is an essential oil?  What is an absolute?  What, on earth, is a supercritical CO2 extract?  Traditonal aromatherapists use steam-distilled essential oils almost exclusively, but there are so many essences being extracted in so many ways, without as many of the chemicals that used to be required.  In this brief article, we explain the differences in the extraction methods.  Whether you are a budding aromatherapist or a consumer in search of information, it should help clarify the topic!

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Natural, Organic & Other Vocabulary Words

Osmia Organics Article: Natural, Organic & Other Vocabulary Words

It is practically impossible to sort through the claims being made about natural and organic skin care products in today's market.  What does it mean for something to be natural?  Is organic better than natural?  If something is organic, but not certified organic, does it still count?  Does the word organic mean the same thing in every country?  Which skin care companies out there are telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?  Let us help you become a more informed consumer in this short article.


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The Natural Bath

Osmia Organics Article: Natural Bath

When you are immersed in a warm bath, the blood vessels in your skin dilate, allowing your skin to absorb substantially more of anything to which it is exposed.  Thus, the bath is a particularly bad time to expose it to toxins and unnecessary chemical fillers (not that there is a good time to do that).  This article explains some of the natural, nourishing options for the bathtub, as well as the benefits of each. 

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Why Organic Soap

There are SO many soaps on the market these days, and so many of them look and smell amazing.  But, why is organic, cold-processed, handmade soap different?  Read our article to learn how it's made, why it works better than most commercial soap, and how you are decreasing your environmental impact when you choose a bar of organic soap, rather than a bottle of artificially scented body wash!

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Black Soap - The Facts

Osmia Organics Article: Black Soap - The Facts

Ever heard of black soap?  If so, you have probably heard of all the wonderful things it can do for your skin.  In this article, we discuss traditional African Black Soap, as well as our own Black Clay Facial Soap - they are made differently, but may have a similar profile as far as benefits and uses.

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