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about osmia

The Name Osmia OrganicsIn medicine, the inability to smell is anosmia. Pregnant women often experience hyperosmia – a heightened sense of smell (this was why, conveniently, I could not load or empty the dishwasher for 9 months). People with central nervous system disorders can have parosmia, an altered sense of smell, and smell phantom odors, such as fuel or burnt bacon (ick).

Strangely, the word osmia did not exist (except in the bee world, www.osmia.com) - until now.

Osmia, as I use it, means “sense of smell”. Every Osmia product is made with utmost attention to the scent and its aromatherapeutic benefits. In a broader sense, it is also a reminder to sense your life. Stop what you are doing and really see the color of the sky. Notice the taste of your coffee, even if it’s the same type you drink every morning.   Feel how your child’s hand feels in yours – soft, little, warm. Hear not only the music, but the silence that happens when you turn off the music. Because if we don’t sense our lives, and all the precious beauty that can be found in a regular old day, well that’s really just silly.